Bakery My Heart

Very close to the hotel you can find this pretty Japanese Bakery. The “Bakery My Heart” offers all kind of tasty sweets (ex. Melon Pan, Ohagi, Sakura Mochi) and other delicious, exotic baked goods (Yaki-Soba-Pan 😊). A visit is definitely worthwhile!

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EKO Haus

The Ekō House of Japanese Culture offers introductions and courses on traditional culture rooted in Buddhism and introduces the way of life of the Japanese, it teaches Buddhism as a foundation of Eastern thought and engages in cultural exchange.

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Hinkel Bakery

Since 1891, this Düsseldorf family business has been baking the finest baked goods entirely by hand. The bakery, located in the heart of Düsseldorf, is now managed in the fourth generation by master baker Josef Hinkel. In 2019, the company was named the best bakery in Germany.

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DEG Dusseldorf

The Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf supports our DEG in the 2019/2020 season as a base partner and is looking forward to a successful season and ice-cold games!

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Matcha Cafe Wakaba

In February 2018 the first Matcha Café was opened in Düsseldorf. For all Matcha drinks and sweets (ex. Latte, Brownie, Parfait, etc…) only organic Matcha directly from Japan is used. Here you can enjoy the original taste of Japan. A real recommendation!

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Soenne – architecture photographer DGPh

Soenne – Architekturfotograf hat für das Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf tolle Fotos gemacht. #Hotelfotografie

Takagi Books

Visit the traditional bookstore in Little Tokyo – just a few minutes from the Düsseldorf hotel. Competent advice and exclusive service in German, Japanese or English, the team is at your side with advice and action.

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Tenten Coffee

The coffee shop Tenten is only a few minutes away from the Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf.

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Brown Leather Book

Sabine H. Schmitz took great photos for us! #Hotel photography

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