The 9-Euro-Ticket has arrived and you’re wondering what to do with your new-found freedom? How about a day in Little Tokyo on the Rhine and simply spend an unforgettable weekend with your loved ones? It doesn’t take much at all. We tell you how to experience the VIP feeling of Düsseldorf with simple means.

Summer temperatures in Germany’s most beautiful Rhine metropolis are delightful. Düsseldorf has much more to offer than beauty and shopping right now.

If there’s no more room on Sylt, come to Düsseldorf!

Transport costs are therefore budgeted and manageable, so why not simply set the right accents in the right place? An upgrade to a junior or executive suite would suit you well and will make your partner’s pulse beat faster! A romantic evening in the city? No stress, as there was no traffic jam. No need to return or make breakfast. Everything has been thought of. How does that sound? Like more? The doors are open, the drinks are ready. The food is cooked, the beds are made. Light-hearted summer evenings are the best thing about the city. Just let yourself drift and take the last train back to the hotel – even for free, although it doesn’t cost much and yet, just not having to worry about anything for once is simply the best thing – welcome to the state capital.

With the 9-euro ticket from any German railway station to NRW’s capital.

Just a few examples:

Frankfurt-Düsseldorf otherwise about 90 EUR, the journey now costs 9 EUR and in just under 4 hours you are at your destination. Saarbrücken the same; as a bonus there is one of Germany’s most beautiful train routes through the Eifel.

There are even suburban trains from Cologne and Mönchengladbach. So you can be in Little Tokyo in just half an hour! Even the route from Koblenz can be travelled in under 90 minutes.

From Wuppertal or Duisburg, it takes less than 20 minutes.

Bielefeld-Düsseldorf instead of over 60 EUR, again only 9 EUR and that in 2 hours from station to station.

Sylt-Düsseldorf: 9 hours, 9 EUR. We recommend this conditionally or in bad weather and of course for locals who want to escape mass tourism. There is also an optional Intercity train without changing trains. And seriously, you haven’t been to Sylt anyway and can come here with confidence. We have dispelled any reservations you might have had. There are many reasons to travel to Düsseldorf NOW. Here is an overview:

2 hours: Münster, Paderborn

4 hours: Hanover, Kassel, Bremen

5 hours: Göttingen, Leipzig

6 – 8 hours: Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Freiburg

IC or ICE recommendation: Sylt, Munich, Dresden, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Freiburg

Good tip:

Attention! Deutsche Bahn distinguishes between trains belonging to DB Regio and those belonging to DB Fernverkehr. The 9-Euro-Ticket is only valid on trains operated by DB Regio. Sometimes DB Fernverkehr also operates regional trains. On these trains, the normal fare applies and not the hoped-for fare.

Best practice

With the current fuel prices, we also recommend that guests from further afield travel by train. Once arrived, the Hotel Nikko is only a 5-minute walk from the main train station and is right in the heart of Little Tokyo. So if you check in with us online while still on the train, all you need to do is ask our friendly staff to hand you your room card at reception and let the relaxation begin.

Our tip: Take your luggage to your room, put your valuables in the safe, freshen up briefly and then have lunch in the hotel’s own sushi bar or in one of the numerous small restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Little Tokyo is waiting to be explored by you. Especially in terms of cuisine, the largest Japanese community has a lot to offer; from sashimi and makis to ramen and tendon to teppanyaki, there is something for every gourmet on the menu.

Shop ’til you drop

If you then set off into the city happy and satiated, Düsseldorf awaits you from its finest side. A relaxed stroll down Immermannstreet leads naturally to Schadowplatz, which is directly connected to the famous Königsallee. Shopping hearts start to beat; to the left and right are numerous large department stores and renowned shops that leave nothing to be desired. It is not for nothing that Düsseldorf is famous for its numerous and, above all, exclusive shopping opportunities like Königsallee and Breuninger shopping mall. Looking for the ideal shopping tour? Düsseldorf Tourism offers a good overview here.

The Königsallee is, of course, right up front. Both sides of the street are separated by a small spur of the Düssel and reconnected by historic bridges. These architectural gems are a very popular photo motif with young and old – just like the Tritonen fountain at the end of the Kö, which was created 118 years ago.

Once the bags are filled and all the pictures snapped, you should gradually stroll along Heinrich-Heine-Allee into the old town. For example, towards Carlsplatz: at the local market stalls you can buy delicacies and fresh food all year round – a real gem in the middle of the city. Many come here before or between shopping trips to fortify themselves for the day or enjoy a sip of wine or a frozen yogurt at Yomaro in the sun.

If you’ve already had enough of shopping, just drop by the Carlstadt of the same name, which is characterized by small boutiques and cafés. Beyond the hustle and bustle, take a close look at the side streets; it’s not uncommon to find a little oasis hidden in Düsseldorf’s backyards: for example, the popular café “Pure Freude”. If you can’t wait for dinner, take a seat on the terrace at Casa Luigi and treat yourself to the Taglierini Tartufati. Alternatively, not far from Luigi is the Sicilian restaurant “A Tavola”, where every dish tastes like a holiday on the Mediterranean. An absolute recommendation!

After dinner, it’s off to the old town. Breite Straße, Kurze Straße, Bolker Straße: these names stand for party, drinks and good humour. Breweries, discos and food stalls line this party mile. If you’ve been avoiding dinner until now, you can now satisfy your hunger with a real rustic Düsseldorf staple: A pork roll from “Schweine Janes”, the ideal basis for any visit to the brewery.

Now nothing stands in the way of a visit to the “Kürzer”, “Schlüssel” or the “Uerige”. Fun fact: as long as you don’t put the lid on your glass, the Düsseldorf Köbes will always come back and refill it – in keeping with Rhenish tradition. Also traditional are the home-style dishes of the breweries; whether frikadelle with Düsseldorf mustard or classics like knuckle of pork or Himmel und Ät, the dishes here are tasty and hearty and the portions are usually big enough to fill everyone up – except vegetarians.

Vegetarians and vegans get their money’s worth at “Birdie & Co” or “Laura’s Deli”. Green Karma” on Immermannstreet also offers meat-free alternatives. Just a tip: most Japanese restaurants often offer delicious tofu dishes and vegetarian sushi or noodle soups – completely without meat.

Event location Düsseldorf


The MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA stands for Düsseldorf’s mega events. Whether football, concerts, live shows, ice hockey or American football. The stadium provides a breathtaking backdrop for 30,000 to 66,500 spectators for every occasion. Thanks to its closable roof and modern heating system, the arena offers the best program all year round. The best way to access the event calendar is via the official homepage.

International artists and musicians come to Düsseldorf, major sporting events such as the Invictus Games, several football matches for EURO 2024 and events such as the WORLD CLUB DOME take place in Düsseldorf’s largest stadium. So enhance your stay with an unforgettable experience!

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